Ubisoft, India saves energy after retro fitting thanks to CG Drives & Automation

Ubisoft is a French-based Software company started in 1986 in Brittany, France. It started with five brothers who shared a common platform to setup their own publishing and distribution company for fun & educational software. Ubisoft Pune is today one of the largest developers of video games in India. Ubisoft Pune has a video game production studio with a very efficient Quality Control department. The company has more than 250 international employees.

High energy consumption and different temperature areas lead to retrofitting

Before Ubisoft had a chilled water HVAC system, the office temperature was controlled by dampers in air ducts at their premises in Pune. At that time, the AHU (Air Handling Units) motors were connected to BMS system and were running at full speed. That resulted in highconsumption of energy, and also generated hot and cold areas in the office. To get better control and to save energy they decided to install VFDs on AHU.

Speed controlled by VFDs

CG Drives & Automation recommended the VFD solution on AHU motors connected to BMS system. The VFD controls the speed of motor based on 4-20mA signals. CG Drives & Automation has supplied 4 pcs of 15KW VFDs.

Clear Energy Savings

Controlling the AHU system with VFD and avoiding the damping system has clearly resulted in energy savings up to 20-25 %. The investment was recovered in less than 12 months, and the savings were directly added to company’s profits.

After nearly a year of commission, Ubisoft was very pleased with the performance of CG Drives & Automations VFDs and the service support provided as and when required. Ubisoft has appreciated the performance of CG Drives & Automations drives and kindly documented it with an appreciation letter.

In brief

 Customer  Ubisoft, India 
 Challenge  To change from the old system to the new without any interruption and problems in the production.
 Solution  AHU system controlled by 4 CG VFDs


  • Energy savings
  • Controlled temperature