[10 April 2014] More even pressure and longer life thanks to CG Drives & Automation

[7 March 2014] The drive for efficiency - CG regulates Vitens’ deep well pump with less energy

[7 January 2013] Clean water with flexible communication

Producing drinking water can be a complicated process, but in Halmstad on the Swedish west coast, it is surprisingly easy. In fact, the groundwater from the eskers of Halmstad is so clean that it is possible to use it directly as drinking water.

[7 May 2008] Energy-efficient centrifuges at Falkenberg treatment plant

When Falkenberg treatment plant invested in new decanter centrifuges, Emotron variable speed drives were chosen for control.

[17 January 2007] Emotron pump control distributes heat in Sollentuna

Sollentuna Energi has provided district heating since 1969. The company is in the midst of an expansion and is increasing capacity in order to meet rising demand. Emotron variable speed drives are used for, among other things, controlling pumps in the net

[15 November 2006] Energy and equipment savings at the Svenljunga sewage treatment plant

When the sewage treatment plant in Svenljunga, a community of 10,000 inhabitants, was renovated in the summer of 2005, investments were made in order to increase operational efficiency and reliability.

[15 November 2006] Blowers clean biologically at the Elmo Leather wastewater treatment plant

Elmo Leather’s new wastewater treatment plant is the first of its kind. The fully biological process has never been tested before in an operation that uses such large quantities of chemicals.

[29 June 2005] Providing flush pumps with flow control

The flush pump system at the Lith drinking water production plant, a division of Brabant Water, recently underwent an overhaul. This system comprises two 55 kW centrifugal pumps driven by electric motors. They produce a combined output of 0 – 2000 m3/hour

[29 June 2004] Great savings through improved pump control

Extended service life for the high-pressure pump, no need for motor-operated valves plus reduced pipe-installation dimensions all contribute to savings of over SEK 50,000 when renovating a pump in a pump station.