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Working areas

Wide range of job opportunities

CG Drives & Automation offers job opportunities within a wide range of areas, requiring a variety of competencies and skills. In addition to the ones presented below, we have supporting and administrating functions such as finance, IT, process development and human recourses, all crucial for the efficiency and success of our business.

Product development: Simplicity in its most advanced form

Simplicity and reliability are keywords guiding our development work. The result is products noted for combining advanced technology with robustness and user-friendly handling. Our engineers work with our standard products as well as customization, and their expertise covers areas such as power electronics, mechanical engineering, motor design and control algorithms.

By including all corporate functions in development projects, we ensure all aspects are considered from an early stage: market demands, competition, serviceability, production-friendliness, testing procedures, component availability, sales arguments, launching plans etc. We also design OEM solutions in close cooperation with the customer’s engineers, gaining in-depth knowledge of their application as well as valuable feedback on our technology.


Production & Sourcing: Short lead times and high quality

CG Drives & Automation products are assembled at our premises in Helsingborg, Sweden. Production is order based with quick delivery of units manufactured according to the customer’s requirements. Flow production offers great flexibility in handling component shortage or orders requiring immediate delivery. Specialized mounting and testing stations with standardized procedures ensure short lead times and high quality.

Production works closely together with our development and sourcing departments, in daily operations as well as in customization projects, the testing of new components and the planning of product introductions. Having all functions under the same roof opens up for immediate action if there is a need to change a specification or find a replacement component.

Meet Alexandra working with production at CG Drives & Automation


Sales & Marketing: Finding the best solution for each customer

Personal selling is the basis for our activities on the market. An optimum solution demands in-depth knowledge of the requirements in each specific application. Our sales personnel build long-term relationships, putting their know-how and commitment into finding the best solution for each customer.

Sales are handled through direct sales in our home markets and internationally through a network of distributors. Our sellers work with local or international sales, out on the field or with indoor sales support, and some specialize in certain applications or in project sales. Among our customers are end-users as well as OEM’s for which we develop customized solutions.

Meet Iréne working with indoor sales at CG Drives & Automation


Customer projects: Developing fit-for-purpose solutions

Adding our engineering competence can help customers maximize process performance. Our engineers know what will work in each specific application and can design fit-for-purpose solutions based on our standard products. A customer project can involve anything from minor hardware or software adaptation to complete drive systems.

Drive systems are developed for end users as well as for crane, pump and fan manufacturers, who want to offer their customers ready-to-run solutions ensuring efficient and reliable operation. The engineering work often involves the design, construction and commissioning of a system including variable speed drives, motors and transformers. This is done in close cooperation with the customer and various CG Drives & Automation departments.

Meet Volker working with customer projects at CG Drives & Automation


Support & Service: Offering customers peace of mind

Supplying the technical solution is one thing, making sure it works according to customers’ requirements is another. That takes personal commitment and a true understanding of their processes. Good support is what turns our products’ functionality into true value.

Our support and service technicians have an important task in helping customers optimize operation and minimize downtime. Availability and reliability are keywords for their work, which includes technical support and troubleshooting via phone or e-mail, product trainings for customers and partners, commissioning, workshop repairs and onsite service. They also contribute valuable input to our product development projects, based on field experience.

Meet Manuel working with service at CG Drives & Automation