News archive 2006

[15 November 2006] Blowers clean biologically at the Elmo Leather wastewater treatment plant

Elmo Leather’s new wastewater treatment plant is the first of its kind. The fully biological process has never been tested before in an operation that uses such large quantities of chemicals.

[15 November 2006] Energy and equipment savings at the Svenljunga sewage treatment plant

When the sewage treatment plant in Svenljunga, a community of 10,000 inhabitants, was renovated in the summer of 2005, investments were made in order to increase operational efficiency and reliability.

[3 November 2006] Electrical motors stand for two thirds of the industry’s energy consumption

Great energy savings to be made from more efficient motor control.

[3 November 2006] Reliable and cost-efficient operation with optimum functionality

Emotron’s new generation of variable speed drives guarantee cost-efficient and reliable operation and provide protection against damage and downtime.