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Reliable and cost-efficient operation with optimum functionality

Emotron’s new generation of variable speed drives guarantee cost-efficient and reliable operation and provide protection against damage and downtime. Functionality aimed at different requirements has been added to the company’s two product ranges, which are based on a shared platform. The Emotron FDU 2.0 is designed to control pressure and flow in applications which use pumps, fans, blowers and compressors. The Emotron VFX 2.0 is intended for dynamic applications, such as cranes, crushers, mills and mixers.

[3 November 2006]

Efficient and protective starts and stops

The direct torque control of the Emotron VFX manages abrupt load changes, for example when starting a crusher.

A heavily loaded crane can be started without jerking, because the variable speed drive accurately matches the torque control, the pre-magnetization of the motor and the precise brake control.

Starting a fan which is rotating in the wrong direction can result in damage or breakdown. The Emotron FDU has a spin start function which picks the motor up at its current speed and in its current direction, gradually brings it to a complete stop and then restarts it in the right direction.

For pumps the stopping sequence is often more critical. The Emotron FDU offers linear stops which remove the risk of water hammer and other damage.

In the case of mills, for example, the integrated vector brake in the Emotron VFX allows for fast, safe stopping, without the use of the mechanical brakes. A safety system designed specifically for cranes activates the mechanical brakes if there is a risk of overload.

Protection against damage and downtime

An integrated shaft power monitor and a patent-pending load curve protection function immediately detect overloads or underloads that can result in reduced efficiency or damage, over the entire speed range.

Early warnings and safety stops allow for preventive measures, for example if there is a risk of a pump running dry, a fan filter becoming blocked or a crusher jamming. This guarantees operation without energy wastage, unnecessary downtime or damage.

Optimized operation saves energy and prevents machinery wear

Energy consumption and machinery wear are kept to a minimum by constantly adapting the motor speed to the current requirement.

A new automatic cleaning function can be used to increase efficiency, for example by reversing a mill in the case of an overload or by running a pump at full speed at specific time intervals. Models with an output of 45 kW and above can be supplied with liquid cooling, which results in reduced energy and maintenance costs, as no air conditioning is needed and the heat can be recovered.

The accurate torque and speed control of the Emotron VFX manages abrupt load changes without disruptions or downtimes. The response times are very short because the Emotron VFX compares the actual and required torque 40,000 times per second.

This results in safer, more cost-efficient operation, for example in the case of a crusher where the speed needs to be adjusted rapidly to changes in the load or type of material, or of a crane where critical starts and stops require instant high torque levels.

User-friendly operation and cost-efficient installation

A new feature which makes the system more user-friendly is the option of setting the operating parameters to the units of the user’s choice, for example m3/s, bar, ton/h or cycles/h. This means that the figures do not need to be converted, which saves time and allows the system to be monitored more reliably. The operators can also switch between local and remote control simply by pressing a button on the control panel. The settings can easily be copied by moving the control panel from one variable speed drive to another.

The robust IP54 steel enclosure allows models with an output of up to 132 kW to be installed as free-standing units close to the machinery which is being regulated. This saves the costs of buying long motor cables and installing the unit in a cabinet. Models with an output of between 160 and 800 kW can be installed in Emotron IP54 cabinets which are significantly smaller than the majority of other solutions on the market.

Another new feature is the speed control of the integrated fans which ensures that the variable speed drives run at an even temperature, giving a longer service life. Detailed alarms allow process problems to be identified quickly and the necessary measures to be taken. The small number of critical parts and the fact that they are easily accessible makes maintenance easier and increases reliability.