News archive 2007

[11 September 2007] Process industry cuts pump maintenance to zero

After installing Emotron M20 shaft power monitors, the annual maintenance and downtime costs for three of ISP Chemicals' pumps were reduced considerably – from $90,000 to zero. The return on investment was immediate.

[22 August 2007] Crane modernization reduced maintenance and increased user-friendliness

The cranes at the Bleiloch pumped storage power plant in Germany have undergone a comprehensive modernization after 75 years of operation.

[18 June 2007] Emotron MSF 2.0 offers much more than soft starts

Emotron now launches a new softstarter, MSF 2.0, which minimizes start currents and mechanical stress when starting equipment driven by electrical motors.

[16 April 2007] The new Emotron VSA/VSC - small in size but big on functionality

Although small in size, the Emotron VSA/VSC variable speed drive is equipped with several advanced features and offers great flexibility.

[4 April 2007] New crane centre offers theoretical and practical training

Emotron is now offering crane training at the company’s new crane centre in Wernigerode, Germany. Customers from all over the world can come and learn about the unique crane functionality of Emotron variable speed drives, both in theory and in practice.

[2 April 2007] Dietz-electronic complements Emotron’s application specialist strategy

The Swedish drives manufacturer Emotron acquires the operation of the German company Dietz-electronic GmbH.

[19 February 2007] Saving energy and reducing wear at Hydro Polymers

Hydro Polymers in Stenungsund in Sweden produces polyvinyl chloride. The major benefits for Hydro Polymers from using Emotron products are lower energy consumption and a reduction in wear.

[17 January 2007] Emotron pump control distributes heat in Sollentuna

Sollentuna Energi invests in development and expansion of capacity in their district heating network. Emotron’s new generation of variable speed drives are used for controlling pumps in the network’s booster stations.