News archive 2008

[10 December 2008] Increased efficiency in industrial automation

Emotron FDU/VFX variable speed drives now support communication via industrial Ethernet using Modbus TCP. This international networking standard provides high capacity and reliability as well as full connectivity to existing communication systems.

[19 November 2008] European Motor Challenge Award 2008

Emotron has been awarded the European Motor Challenge Award 2008 for its “continued efforts in improving energy efficiency in motor driven systems”.

[30 September 2008] Synchronized crane wheels cut maintenance costs

The retrofit of this portal crane at concrete manufacturer MBI Beton BV involved replacing the controls as well as the drive motors. Emotron provided a complete solution which requires less maintenance thanks to minimal wheel wear.

[11 September 2008] UL certification opens for increased sales to North America

Emotron has achieved UL certification for the company’s variable speed drives. This opens the door to increased sales to the North American market.

[7 May 2008] Energy-efficient centrifuges at Falkenberg treatment plant

When Falkenberg treatment plant invested in new decanter centrifuges, Emotron variable speed drives were chosen for control.

[21 April 2008] Smaller size, more functions and faster set-up

Emotron introduces a new concept for the Emotron FDU/VFX variable speed drives in the power range of 0.75-22 kW, featuring a more compact format, additional functionality and increased reliability.

[1 April 2008] Speed-controlled fan reduces electricity costs by 25,000 euros annually

The process industry INEOS saves 25,000 euros each year by controlling the speed of one of its fans. The company uses Emotron variable speed drives in several of its electric motor drives.

[28 February 2008] Crane modernization with optimized grab control

Emotron modernized this dockside crane in Hildesheim, Germany, in only 14 days. The customer now disposes of an up-to-date crane with optimized grab control, and will benefit from reduced costs thanks to minimized maintenance.