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Emotron winner of European Motor Challenge Award 2008

Electric motors account for more than two thirds of electrical energy consumption in industry within the EU. Introducing speed control can in some cases save well above 50 per cent. Emotron provides the technical solution, but also actively promotes energy efficiency on a wider scale. This has not only saved money for Emotron customers, it has now resulted in the company winning the European Motor Challenge Award 2008.

[19 November 2008]

Photo: Emotron has been awarded the European Motor Challenge Award 2008 for its “continued efforts in improving energy efficiency in motor driven systems”. Emotron’s Energy Efficiency Advisor Bo Andersson (left) accepted the reward at the annual Motor Challenge Workshop on 19 November. The award was handed over by Dr. Christophe Coudun (right), project manager for Energy-Efficient Products at the European Commission’s Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI). Photo: Anders Åsblad.

The Motor Challenge Programme (MCP) is a European Commission programme launched in February 2003 with the aim of promoting energy savings in motor driven systems. Industrial companies undertaking to reduce energy consumption by improving the efficiency of their electric motors can become partners in the programme. They will then be supplied with tools for defining and carrying out an action plan.

Companies offering technical solutions for energy savings in motor driven systems can apply to be MCP endorsers. These companies, including Emotron, undertake to promote energy-saving solutions and the options offered by MCP. Every year the MCP rewards one endorser and one partner for their successful action.

69 per cent of energy goes to electric motors

In industry within the EU, 69 per cent of electrical energy consumption is used to drive electric motors. The applications representing by far the greatest part of this consumption are pumps, fans and compressors. They also offer the greatest savings when speed control to continuously adapt operation to demand is introduced. The efficiency potential is estimated to be between 20 and 50 per cent.

For pumps the typical payback time for variable speed drives is one to two years. Emotron specializes in these particular applications and offers technical solutions for optimizing operation and saving energy. These are also the applications that the MCP focuses on.

Promoting energy efficiency in Europe

Emotron is engaged in the issue of energy savings as an endorser of the MCP and as a member of the organization of Swedish Energy Efficient Companies. Emotron’s efforts to disseminate information about MCP as well as supplying technical solutions for saving energy in electric motor driven systems have now been rewarded with the European Motor Challenge Award 2008. The prize was given to Emotron for “continued efforts in improving energy efficiency of motor driven systems in industrial companies”.

The award was handed over at the annual MCP Workshop, this time organized by the Austrian Energy Agency and Polish Copper Promotion Centre on 19 November, an event accompanying the manufacturing trade fair Protech’08 in Wroclaw, Poland. Emotron’s Energy Efficiency Advisor, Bo Andersson, was there to receive the award:

“This is a great honor for Emotron and the award encourages us to continue our work. We strongly believe energy crises are not simply caused by a shortage of energy, but often by a surplus of inefficiency. There is still a great potential for energy savings, in Europe as well as in the rest of the world.”

Nominated by the Swedish Energy Agency

Emotron was nominated for the award by representatives of the Swedish Energy Agency and Chalmers Industrial Technology (CIT) at Chalmers University of Technology with the following motivation:

“Emotron develops and delivers solutions for protecting and controlling machines and processes driven by electric motors. In 2007 the company decided to join the MCP and presented its application to the Programme Manager Paolo Bertoldi at the 2nd European Motor Challenge Workshop in Paris.

The company is very proactive in promoting energy efficiency in motor driven systems at many different levels.

Emotron is promoting energy efficiency and the MCP

  • at trade and technology fairs,
  • with direct marketing and information to specific companies and industrial sectors,
  • in articles in trade journals and magazines,
  • within the branch organisation Transmissionsgruppen (the organisation for suppliers and manufacturers of transmission equipment in Sweden)
  • in meetings with representatives for the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications.

Emotron’s commitment to energy efficiency in motor driven systems is personified by Bo Andersson, the company’s Energy Efficiency Advisor.”