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Smaller size, more functions and faster set-up

Emotron introduces a new concept for the Emotron FDU/VFX variable speed drives in the power range of 0.75-22 kW, featuring a more compact format, additional functionality and increased reliability. Emotron also launches a new generation of compact drives, the Emotron CDU/CDX 2.0.

[21 April 2008]

Less mounting space and IP54 housing

The most visible change is the new housing design. Increased power density offers more power in a more compact format. Additional mounting space is saved thanks to the new housing being constructed as a hood that is taken off towards the front.

All 0.75-22 kW models are IP54 classified as standard. For the new units, the IP54 performance has been further improved. They can withstand higher ambient temperatures without performance loss during continuous operation.

Higher reliability with latest technology

Several new features contribute to improved reliability and reduced maintenance. The new design is based on the latest technology and fewer components are used. Decentralized control of the power board allows the operator to act faster in situations that could cause process disturbances. Speed-controlled fans ensure a more stable temperature, thereby extending the lifetime of the variable speed drive.

More functions and simplified commissioning

The new Emotron FDU/VFX units are built on the same control platform as the higher power models. Additional options can be utilised, offering the same functionality as featured in the higher power units. One example is the safe stop function that prevents unexpected starts during mechanical maintenance, without the need for a contactor.

More functions can be combined since only one parameter set is needed for settings such as local/remote control and analogue input selections. The other three sets are available for selecting functionality according to the specific needs. Together with added functions for the digital in- and outputs this increases flexibility and simplifies commissioning.

Save time in programming

Simplified programming and commissioning will save valuable time. Up to four parameter sets can be used in applications requiring different settings for different modes. Updating a parameter needs to be done only once to automatically impact all sets.

Only one setting is required to set the variable speed drive in speed or frequency mode. More flexible fieldbus communication is offered thanks to the new models handling a larger number of parameters. All the data available can be used for the process control.

Simplified troubleshooting

More detailed alarm information simplifies troubleshooting should process problems occur. The cause can be identified more quickly and downtime is minimized. A larger number of digital in- and output selections allows for dedicated alarm signals.

The operator can react quicker and immediately take the correct measures, for example in case of a communication error. External protection devices can be connected directly to the signals without the need for extra equipment, such as relays.

New compact drives for customized solutions

Emotron is also introducing a new generation of compact drives, the Emotron CDU/CDX 2.0, featuring the same functionality as the successful variable speed drives of Emotron FDU/VFX. The compact drive is a complete unit comprising the variable speed drive mounted on a motor, offering OEM customers the option of integrating the benefits of speed control with their product, for example a pump or a crusher.

The compact drive is customized according to the customer’s specification regarding the chosen functionality, preset parameters for the specific motor and colours to match the corporate design.