News archive 2009

[13 November 2009] Emotron employee awarded the Friendship Award

Axel Wolfram of Emotron has been awarded the Friendship Award of Liaoning Province. He was nominated for his contribution to the development of the province by supporting one of its leading companies as a technical expert.

[8 June 2009] Emotron has received the Helsingborg environmental prize

The city of Helsingborg, where Emotron’s head office is located, has now awarded the company the environmental prize for contributions to saving energy and consequently to reducing the impact on the climate.

[12 May 2009] Swedish drive solutions introduced in Turkey through new Emotron partner

Emotron drive solutions are now introduced in the Turkish market through a new distribution agreement with Kontek. The cooperation comprises the sales of the entire Emotron product portfolio as well as the support of local customers.

[28 April 2009] Emotron’s new CEO aims to double turnover

Philip Schwarz has a solid background in sales and marketing and has held various managerial positions in businesses closely associated with Emotron’s focal areas.

[21 April 2009] Pumping twice the amount while saving energy

The pumping station at Parksluizen in Rotterdam now benefits from double the pumping capacity, minimized energy consumption, improved user-friendliness and low harmonic distortions.

[2 April 2009] Top level lift control via a 220 metre cable

Only Emotron and Otis were willing to accept the challenge of modernizing this lift. One of the difficulties that kept competitors from even considering the project was the 220 metre cable connecting the motor and the converter.

[13 February 2009] Emotron sponsors technical students with advanced lab kit

Emotron grants an advanced lab kit to the Skolstaden upper secondary technical school in Helsingborg. Four students will use it to construct and program a robot as their project work.