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Emotron employee awarded the Friendship Award

The Friendship Award is presented to foreign experts and guest researchers that have made extraordinary contributions to the development of a region. The award is personal and the nominees are nominated by a Chinese partner, for example the company or the university with which they are working.

[13 November 2009]

Axel Wolfram is a key person in the development of Emotron’s advanced drive technology for lift control. The technology has led to cooperation with Shenyang Brilliant Elevator (BLT), one of China’s largest manufacturers of lifts. The company nominated Axel Wolfram for his highly appreciated support in development, implementation and training as part of this technical cooperation.

The prize ceremony took place in the town hall of Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province, and the medal and certificate was handed over by the provincial governor.

“This award is highly esteemed and well-reputed in China”, says Tommy Liu, manager of Emotron Shanghai Representative Office. “It’s awarded for extraordinary achievements and the evaluation process is very thorough. During my 30 years of living in China, I have never met a person that won this award. Axel Wolfram has all the reason to be proud!”

Photo, left: Axel Wolfram of Emotron has been awarded the Friendship Award of Liaoning Province. He was nominated for his contribution to the development of the province by supporting one of its leading companies as a technical expert.