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Emotron sponsors technical students with advanced lab kit

Emotron grants an advanced lab kit to the Skolstaden upper secondary technical school in Helsingborg. Four students will use it to construct and program a robot as their project work.

[13 February 2009]

The European Center for Power Electronics organization (ECPE) is carrying out a project to promote European youth interest in technology and engineering. Emotron and the other member companies have been offered the opportunity to sponsor technical students with an advanced lab kit based on LEGO Mindstorms Education NXT.

The kit contains building parts from Lego, programming tool, control system, servo motors and sensors for, for example, contact, light, sound, acceleration and gyro.

Emotron has joined the project and to contacted Skolstaden in Helsingborg. Their technical programme offers a general view of various technology areas, such as electronics, technical physics, machinery, computers, construction and architecture. The school also aims for strategic cooperation with universities and businesses.  

The students Johannes Möller, Anton Nilsson, Henrik Jönsson and Mathias Löfquist has chosen to use the equipment for their project work. They attend the third and last year of the technical programme and their tutor is teacher Jörgen Brand.

"These students have a burning interest in technology. They have all chosen to study the advanced courses in, for example, mathematics and physics. Two of them have already decided to study engineering at the university," says Jörgen.

The project represents 100 points, equivalent to the same number of study hours. The project started with the handing over of the equipment at the Emotron head office on January 21.

The group’s first job is to decide the objectives of the project, i.e. what task the robot should be able to perform. The result is to be presented on April 29 at the school’s information day for which the public, local companies and press representatives are invited.

Emotron will follow the proceedings of the project and wishes Johannes, Anton, Henrik and Mathias good luck!

Photo: Four students at the upper secondary technical school in Helsingborg will execute their project work using a lab kit sponsored by Emotron. Their task is to construct and program a robot. Emotron’s Leif Olausson hands over the material to (from left) Johannes Möller, Anton Nilsson, Henrik Jönsson and Mathias Löfquist.