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Emotron at the world exhibition in Shanghai

Expo 2010 in Shanghai 1 May - 31 October is expected to be the biggest world exhibition so far. Between 70 and 100 million people are expected to visit the exhibition during these six months.

[24 June 2010]

Emotron participates on the 1-2 July in a VIP event in the Swedish pavilion called SymbioCity Forum. The theme is sustainable urban development and environmental technology, and the target group is specially invited Chinese decision makers.

SymbioCity is a network of Swedish companies and organizations, administrated by The Swedish Trade Council. The idea is to present to other countries how the SymbioCity concept has been put into practice in Sweden, in order to build sustainable urban systems using the synergies between, for example, industry and buildings, waste management, energy, transport, water supply and sanitation.
The SymbioCity Forum is arranged by the Swedish Government’s secretariat for Swedish-Chinese environmental technology cooperation, together with the Swedish Trade Council. Emotron will talk about the potentials of saving electric energy through efficient motor control in, for example, pump and fan systems. Emotron will also have a digital presentation that can be seen by all visitors in the Swedish pavilion.