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Henrik Dalby is Emotron's new Northern Europe Sales Manager

Emotron reinforces the sales organisation to further improve customer service and meet market demands. Henrik Dalby will have the overall sales responsibility in northern Europe. He will located at the head office in Helsingborg, Sweden.

[27 May 2010]

Long experience from the automation industry

Henrik Dalby has more than 20 years' experience of sales within the electronic and automation industries. His previous employment was at Omron in Denmark where he since 2002 held the position of Sales and Technical Manager. At Emotron, one of his tasks will be to work with key customers within Emotron's strategic markets, such as OEM and brand label.

"I was earlier employed by the Swedish group Semcon Damark, where my main responsibility was selling consulting services to larger industries. I now look forward to working with Emotron, which I see as a highly dynamic company far ahead in meeting market demands for energy savings and optimisation."

Customer service and system knowledge

Henrik will work closely together with the existing sales organisation, including Fredrik Adlercreutz who will continue as Nordic Sales Manager. Fredrik much welcomes this reinforcement of the Emotron sales force:

"Henrik will not only strengthen our resources and our customer service. Our products are more and more often integrated in complete automation solutions, putting new demands on, for example, communication between different systems. In this case, Henrik contributes very valuable knowledge that allows us to offer even more efficient fit-for-purpose solutions."