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Higher durability made Emotron preferred supplier

The Chinese crane manufacturer NFC made Emotron their preferred drives supplier after evaluating major international brands. Emotron proved to have a 30% longer durability, critical for withstanding harsh environments.

[1 March 2011]

Overhead travelling cranes for the aluminium industry

NFC Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd (Shenyang) is the leading Chinese manufacturer of multi-purpose overhead travelling cranes for the aluminium industry. This is a big market, considering that China is the world’s largest aluminium producer. It is also an industry with great demands for drives. NFC uses Emotron AC drives since several years, supplied by the Chinese Emotron partner Shenyang Ankong with many years of experience of developing drive solutions for the aluminium industry.

NFC crane aluminium industry

Robust design withstands harsh environments

The process of producing aluminium involves extremely high temperatures and damaging particles, putting very high demands on the electronic equipment. Safety is also crucial, since dropping a load could cause an explosion. Emotron AC drives are well suited for this environment, with robust IP54 certified metal enclosures and sealed connections. High reliability is also ensured thanks to a lean construction with a minimum of components, cables and mechanical parts.

30% longer durability made Emotron preferred supplier

High quality drives are crucial for NFC to be able to offer reliable crane solutions. For this reason, they wanted to compare brands based on durability. For some years they collected data about the time passed before various service actions were required. The investigation was done on all drives used by the company, which includes 4-5 leading brands on the market.

Mr Wang, Purchasing Director at NFC:

“Our need to find drive equipment that can withstand these harsh conditions made us evaluate the brands based on this particular aspect. Emotron stood out by showing a 30% longer durability, and this made us decide to make them our preferred supplier. The majority of our cranes will be delivered with an Emotron AC drive installed.”

20 years of developing crane drives

Emotron has 20 years of experience of controlling cranes in industries and ports around the world. Pär Ölund is product manager:

“Reliability has always been a keyword for our development work, so we are pleased that our drives proved themselves in this evaluation. We conduct durability tests in our laboratories, but this has given us a unique chance to see how our products perform over time in a demanding customer application, and in comparison to other brands.”