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New softstarter with integrated by-pass, Emotron TSA

The softstarter Emotron TSA is the first in a new line of CG high performance softstarters. It complements the Emotron MSF line of heavy duty fully solid state softstarters and offers integrated by-pass contactors, soft torque starting, intelligent load monitoring and functions for smart stops, including braking capability.

[27 November 2012]

Features included in the new series:

  • Integrated by-pass.
  • 3-phase torque control.
  • Coated boards.
  • Multilingual LCD display.
  • Programmable logical and timer functions.
  • Real Time Clock.
  • Motor load monitor with alarm level auto-set.
  • Controlled braking capability.
  • Slow speed and jog operation.

Emotron TSA fits where space is limited due to its integrated by-pass contactors.

The first frame sizes introduced suits motors with up to 100 A rated current but units up to 1,800 A will be available. Voltage classes include 200 – 525 V and 200 - 690 V.