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AC drives in new CG costume

We are now starting the introduction of Emotron products in a new CG costume. The new look will be implemented gradually, starting with Emotron FDU/VFX AC drives in February.

[31 January 2012]

Emotron is now CG Drives & Automation, and part of the global company CG. As a consequence, we are introducing our products in a new costume. This will have no practical effect for you as a customer. You will be buying the same product, developed and produced in Sweden, with the same functionality, the same hardware/software and the same operator interface – just with a new appearance.

The CG design will first be introduced on our Emotron FDU/VFX AC drives in February. Next in line will be our softstarters Emotron MSF in March, and in April-May our monitors Emotron M20/DCM. All products will be changed by 31 December 2012.

See the new looks of our Emotron FDU/VFX AC drives below!

Emotron AC drives with CG design