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Ships save over 60% of energy with our AC drives and ECO-PAC from CS Electric

The marine sector is faced with a number of tough challenges. Shipping companies are preparing to meet tougher environmental demands and rising fuel costs. One measure which gives quick results for both environment and fuel economy is investment in precise control of pumps and fans. With the aid of Emotron AC drives and ECO-PAC, a control system developed in-house, our Danish partner CS Electric offers a smart solution for the international shipping sector.

[30 October 2013]

CS Electric has been developing and delivering solutions for industrial and marine operations for over twenty years, both in Denmark and internationally. With its headquarters in Esbjerg, close to the European continent, CS Electric can take on projects and service contracts anywhere in the world at short notice. The company has 50 employees with know-how in automation, motor control, and regulation and monitoring. CS Electric carries out reconstruction and service work worldwide on a daily basis, primarily in the marine sector.

Through its deep interest in energy-efficient solutions and its extensive know-how in ship installations, the company has developed the ECO-PAC system, a concept intended to optimise the energy efficiency of pump and fan systems in ships. Development work began twelve years ago, when the possibilities of optimising a 90 kW pump system were tested in cooperation with one of the major shipping companies. Development and refinement of the system have led to a concept which is now ready to be installed and used in ships worldwide.

 Uni-Tankers' M/T Fenno Swan, an oil and chemicals, type 2 tanker.


The marine sector is facing a number of changes. Shipping companies are preparing to meet tougher environmental demands and rising fuel costs. Precise control of pumps and fans is one example of a measure which brings quick results for both environment and fuel economy. It also improves a shipping company's competitiveness by reducing operating costs. The ECO-PAC system from CS Electric is a well-packaged concept which can be quickly installed to control for instance a ship's cooling water pumps. ECO-PAC includes a control system with software for control and regulation of temperature, pressure and flow, plus an operator panel where the process can be monitored in real time. The system logs energy use, giving a clear and measurable picture of the savings made. The system uses our Emotron FDU AC drives to control the pumps. The AC drives are intended, as standard, for use in demanding environments where good reliability is required, and they have DNV approval for use in marine environments. Emotron FDU AC drives have a high protection class and a sturdy construction, which means they can be fitted directly in the machine room without additional enclosure. Installation costs for an ECO-PAC system are about EUR 50,000 and the payback period is eight to twelve months.

 ECO-PAC system fitted in the machine room on the Fenno Swan.


Uni-Tankers, based in Middelfart in Denmark and part of United Shipping & Trading Company Ltd, is among the shipping companies which have shown an interest in the ECO-PAC system, and the Fenno Swan, the first ship in their fleet of over twenty, has now been fitted with the ECO-PAC system. Jan Rindebaek, Chief Technical Officer at Uni-Tankers, says that four pumps have been fitted with the system, and that energy consumption by these pumps has been reduced by a total of over 60%. As an example, energy consumption by one of the cooling water pumps sank from 19,390 kWh to 7,756 kWh after 1,104 hours (46 days) of operation. Rindebaek adds that Uni-Tankers is a shipping company committed to working for an environmentally-friendly profile. For them, business and environment are closely connected, and the installation on the Fenno Swan has brought both economic and environmental savings.

 Image of operator panel, showing energy consumption and savings.