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Reference Case

Balemaster meet automated waste handling needs thanks to Emotron drives

Balemaster, based in Nuth, in the Netherlands, is one of the leading manufacturers of reliable heavy-duty equipment for waste management. Balemasters balers and shredders can handle volumes ranging from 500 kg/day to 25 tonne /hour.

[12 February 2015]

CG Drives’ VFX48-061 IP54 drive the 22 kW motor in Balemaster’s shredders.
The IP54 drive is mounted next to the control cabinet.

The challenge

Balemaster began developing this type of shredder machines almost 15 years ago. When their competitors switched their motors directly on-line, this brought transmission problems. Balemaster wanted to avoid these problems and differentiate their offer in a technically responsible way. Balemaster wanted to start the motor smoothly and gradually.

The solution – 100% torque at 0 rpm

While attending an exhibition, Balemaster saw a demo of the CG Drives Emotron frequency inverter, which enabled the motor to deliver 100% torque at zero rpm.

They immediately saw the potential, and as Balemaster’s Hans Habets put it,
“We have to talk to these people!” Thanks to the efforts of former Emotron’s Managing Director, Dick Rotteveel, Balemaster’s first prototype was a success.



Customer: Balemaster Europe B.V.

Challenge: Technically responsible differentiation

Solution: CG Drives Emotron VFX48-061 IP54


-         100% torque at 0 rpm

-          Reliability