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CG Drives ensures pumping stations run reliably, 24/7

The municipality of Zwijndrecht, in the western Netherlands, has a population of almost 45,000. Based on a typical water consumption of 150 litres/ person/day, the municipality generates 6.75 million litres of wastewater every day.

[4 February 2015]

Municipality Zwijndrecht is the responsible for transporting this wastewater to water purification plants. The system includes a number of sewage pumping stations in various sizes, with pumps in the 1-45 kW range. There are seven main pumping stations, each with three pumps organized redundantly. These main stations are the most critical within the system, and they have to keep running 24/7.


Quick replacement led to bigger order
In the past, only one of the three pumps was equipped with a frequency inverter, but today every pump is driven by an inverter. Competitor’s inverters were in use at the main pumping stations until a failure in 2008, after which they were all replaced by Emotron drives. The failed competitor drive could not be repaired or replaced within the timeframe required. However, Marius van den Boom at Gemeente Zwijndrecht was already aware of CG Drives & Automation, so he made a quick call to the company, and the drive was replaced within just four hours.

Impressed by the excellent service and the ease of communication – and having noted the quality of the installed product and how easy it was to control – Marius decided to draw up plans to replace all the competitor drives with Emotron versions. 

Smart solution and training
Since 2008, CG Drives & Automation has been providing Marius with all the technical assistance required for replacing the pumping station drives. For example, hydrogen sulphide gas may be present in the pumping station and this gas may cause damage to the drives' printed circuit boards. To eliminate corrosion and extend the lifetime of the boards, CG Drives & Automation recommended using coated boards. Also recommended was PTC security to protect the motor from over heating. Municipality Zwijndrecht's technical department was of course unfamiliar with the drive controls, so CG Drives & Automation trained their technical staff to operate the drives as needed. 


Less downtime and lower maintenance costs
The main benefit for the municipality has been lower maintenance costs and greatly reduced downtime – previously caused by failed drives in the pumping stations. In fact, there have been no failures among the current drives. To ensure top performance for the drives, Municipality Zwijndrecht has a maintenance contract that includes an annual inspection, enabling the municipality to control and counter unplanned stops and manage costs. 

Customer: Municipality Zwijndrecht
Challenge: To change the drives as smoothly as possible
Solution: CG Drives with coated board and maintenance contract
Benefits: Reduced downtime &vLower maintenance costs