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Reference Case

CG’s contribution to the modernization of Vladivostok’s sea fishing port

The Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port, Russia, is an international reloading port that besides fish products handling also carries out cargo operations of materials such as timber, metal, fertilizers, cellulose, combustive-lubricating materials, etc. The main area of the port consists of more than 323,700 m², and the capacity of the port is more than 5 million tons of cargo and 200,000 containers per year. The port has 41 bridge/gantry cranes, two of which are of the type “Kondor”.

[27 February 2015]

Need for modernization

In 2013 it was decided to modernize the so-called Kondor cranes.
These cranes are a type of twin-control luffing and slewing portal crane which is used for the unloading of ships in the container terminal. The hoist of the crane operates with spreader, grab, electromagnet or hook. The customer’s request was it to get the highest handling capacity plus spot-on operating precision.

Facts & Figures

  • Type: Kondor
  • Environmental conditions: -40. +40°C
  • Load capacity: 40 t
  • Crane total weight: 371 t
  • Crane total height: 51, 5 m
  • Hoisting speed up: 40 m/min-  down:47 m/min
  • Luffing speed up & down: 40 m/min
  • Slewing speed: 1 r/min
  • Travelling speed: 20 m/min
  • Maximum hoisting distance: 24 m
  • Total power of main drives: 377 kW. Average working current of: 740 A
  • Types of handled cargo: Containers, general cargo, bulk cargo, steel, saw logs, machinery, equipment

AFR Solution from CG Drives & Automation

Overview of drives installed

Hardware supplies from CG

1x AFR46-750CE + Profinet, 750 

A regenerative drive, delivered in a standard
cabinet with an LCL filter and a second main switch for hoisting drives AC mains supply

2x VFX48-430CEB + Profinet for hoisting, and with brake resistors if AFR is broken

1x VFX48-210DC + Profinet for luffing

2x VFX48-175DC + Profinet for travelling and slewing

Customized and special solutions 
The installation in Vladivostok contained some special solutions, something the customer expressed their appreciation for: 


LCL filter 750A air forced cooled &  AFR46-750 & Customized solution

Vladivostok Sea fishing Port, Russia

  • Environmental conditions: -40. +40°C
  • High availability


Retrofit for all drives

Active front end solution with break resistors (for emergency if AFE is out of order)


  • Energy saving
  • Better performance