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Reference Case

Eco Ketelservice Verhuur chooses CG to standardize boilers

Eco Ketelservice Verhuur is one of Europe’s main energy suppliers, with over 350 installations and 1,000 references across various European industries. Industry segments include engineering and energy. They provide boiler systems for steam and warm/hot water on temporary lease.

[4 February 2015]

Standardization - an ongoing process

Eco Ketelservice Verhuur offers customers the assurance of fast service monitoring by extensively standardizing lease products and maintaining an in-house stock of spare parts. Nearly 20 years ago, Eco made the choice to specify Emotron frequency inverters as standard. There were many reasons for this. The international character of the Emotron organization was a good match to Eco Ketelservice Verhuur, and Emotron products are robust and user-friendly, providing good quality and reliable delivery times. Moreover, the solid look and feel of Emotron’s drives inspires confidence.

User friendly solution

Eco Ketelservice Verhuur's boilers are a leased product, and used by many different kinds of customers. Ease of use is therefore essential, and it should also be easy to vary the operating parameters quickly in the event of a problem.


Solution from CG Drives & Automation

The pumps in the warm/hot water boilers are equipped with CG Drives’ FDU IP54 drive, which is mounted in the container, directly on the wall.



Eco Ketelservice Verhuur bv, Netherlands


-          Replace old stock

-          Maintain high quality

-          Availability/delivery – Eco Ketelservice has a 24/7 service


Emotron FDU IP54 drive, mounted in the container directly to the wall


-          Reliability and user-friendliness

-          Availability/delivery

-          Consistent quality

-          Easy installation and user friendly operation