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Emotron FDU´s drive Porsch´s agricultural irrigation

Porsch Wasser- und Umwelttechnik GmbH have more than 40 years of experience as a supplier in the construction of irrigation systems, and are a partner in all areas of commercial, municipal and private water supply and sanitation. They are primarily located in the north of Germany. Porsch combine modern well drilling, production and installation of mechanical equipment of the fountain with a focus on energy efficiency as well as construction and assembly of custom tailored to the fountain, switchgear.

[19 March 2015]

Irrigations systems to get good harvest

In areas where the ground is very sandy, rain water percolates very quickly.
To get a good harvest irrigation systems are crucial.

Porsch, the water specialists based in Uelzen, Germany, use Emotron FDU units in their irrigation systems. 

Robust and reliable solution from CG Drives & Automation

The Emotron IP54 inverters are installed direct near the fountain on the fields in small cabins. These small cabins are not heated in the winter but that does not cause any damage to the inverter as they have a robust metal construction and withstand harsh environments.

The biggest advantage with the installations are the easy installation and setup-procedure to get the water flowing. Porsch is buying Emotron FDU 48-046 up to FDU48-250 for 60 K€ per year.


Porsch Wasser- und Umwelttechnik GmbH

Installations near the fountain on the fields in small cabins.

Emotron FDU 48-046 up to FDU 48-250


  • Easy installation and set-up procedure
  • Energy savings
  • Good harvest