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Case Study

Emotrons TSA drive S.I.T's micronizer systems

S.I.T, the fuel treatment specialists based in Hamburg, Germany, use Emotron TSA, softstarter units in their systems, which are highly regarded for the savings they deliver on operating and fuel costs. Micronizer-based fuel blending units, combining a micronizer system and separators, are the latest developments in this field, helping operators achieve the goal of “clean ship certificate” status for diesel-powered vessels.

[30 April 2014]

The company S.I.T has developed five modern fuel treatment systems. With our Emotron TSA we are assisting them in development of modern electronic outfit. Micronizers are designed for various purposes for fuel treatment on ships and also on power plants ashore.

Micronizers proven to reduce sludge
Micronizers are used for various purposes on ships: for reducing sludge, improving combustion and recycling waste oil.

S.I.T is now using Emotron TSA-016, TSA-022 and TSA-042 softstarter units in their systems for these applications. The Emotron TSA units always have an external control panel, and most units are using a PTC/Pt100 option.

Benefits with single-source supplier
Previously, S.I.T had to use components from a number of suppliers, which impacted costs and increased administration. S.I.T now benefits from having

Emotron as a single-source supplier.

On the technical side, using Emotron TSA units means fewer separate components – and hence less wiring, and a cleaner view of the cabinet front. Plus, of course, all the advantages of smoother-starting motors.

S.I.T, Hamburg, Germany

To save costs and deliver technical advantages and improved performance

Emotron TSA-016, TSA-022 and TSA-042 softstarter

Fewer components, less wiring
Cleaner view of cabinet fronts
Smoother-starting motors
Single-source supplier convenience´
Cost saving