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Emotron VFX successfully drives 77 kW 12-pole PM motor

The Rivierenland Water Board, which has 700 staff, is responsible for water control in one of the most attractive areas of the Netherlands, the River Area. This area has some 950,000 inhabitants. The Boei en Heicop water levelling station has been part of the Rivierenland Water Board since 2005.

[8 May 2015]

Modernization necessary

The Boei en Heicop water levelling station is designed to maintain the correct local water levels. It was built to replace a windmill dating from 1461, and was originally driven by a normal asynchronous motor.

After many years of good service, the pump needed to be overhauled. At the same time, the Rivierenland Water Board took the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of the station. The pump was completely overhauled and complemented with a new 12-pole permanent magnet motor rated at 77 kW.

Challenging project

CG Drives & Automation had not previously encountered of this specific kind of project. The challenge was therefore to solve the problem of driving a 12-pole permanent magnet motor with the Emotron VFX frequency inverter.

Cooperation and software the solution

The CG Drives & Automation teams in the Netherlands and Germany got together and rose to the challenge to develop the solution adopted by the customer. An efficient Emotron VFX frequency inverter drives the 77 kW motor via special PM software. 

Reduced costs and less energy

CG Drives & Automation helps the Water Board save energy by driving the 12-pole permanent magnet motor with a highly reliable and energy-saving VFX frequency inverter.

The permanent magnet motor consumes less energy than a normal asynchronous motor, reducing the water levelling station’s operating costs and helping to minimize the station’s environmental impact.


Water Board Rivierenland, Netherlands

To drive a high-pole permanent magnet motor with an Emotron VFX frequency inverter


  • Energy saving
  • Reduced operating costs