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Reference Case

Emotron helps maintain river water levels in Netherlands

Pumping station upgraded with new frequency inverters The Hollandsch-Duitsch pumping station, in the Netherlands, was built in 1933 to pump water from the Ooijpolder and the German Polder towards the Waal river, making an important contribution to maintaining local river levels.

[28 April 2015]

New drives in old cabinet – a challenge

The challenge was to replace the current (competitor’s) frequency inverters while retaining the existing cabinet. Key requirements included uncompromising ruggedness and reliability backed by excellent long-term service and responsiveness from CG Drives & Automation.

It was also important to take into account the higher dU/dT values of the new drive types, caused by faster switching of the drive output. These had to be eliminated since they can cause harmful current on the motor bearing. Furthermore, reliable external communication was needed to enable all parameters to be monitored remotely.


Extended service life for motors thanks to Emotron FDU

CG Drives & Automation’s Emotron FDU 450 kW drive was selected and installed, with profinet and a PTC/PT100 option board to communicate with the drive and secure the motor temperature.

Common mode output filters were used to eliminate bearing currents, thereby extending the service life of the motors.

Service and durability crucial

Water Board Rivierenland is very satisfied with the service from CG Drives & Automation and the excellent communication. In combination with the durability and reliability of the energy-saving drives, this was decisive in the board’s choice of Emotron drives.


Water Board Rivierenland, Hollandsch-Duitsch pumping station

To replace the current drives in the existing cabinet

Emotron FDU 450 kW drive


  • Extended service life for the motors
  • Trouble-free operation
  • High level of service