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Frequency inverter to drive different pumps

Founded in 1986, Martens en Van Oord is active in civil engineering and related areas, such as trading in building materials. They have the expertise needed to take a fresh look at clients' challenges, prepare projects thoroughly and carry them out successfully. Expectations are often exceeded, thanks to good cooperation with clients throughout. Over the years, Martens en Van Oord has developed into a leader in its sector.

[11 December 2014]

Every dredging project needs a pump

In the past, Martens en Van Oord had to put together a pump and a motor for every dredging project. Now, they have found a solution that means only the pump needs to be changed, not the whole solution.

Their innovation is a motor with an integral 1 MW FDU built into a container. Since this frequency inverter can be used to drive various pumps, the unit is easily adapted for use in different projects, simply by changing the pump.

Mr Cor van der Meer

Reliable solution and good service

 When creating this new adaptable solution, Martens en Van Oord sourced the drives from CG Drives. Their decision was based on a positive previous experience of the company.  Martens en Van Oord earlier bought approximately 30 Emotron drives for use in a sand factory in Moerdijk, and these proved very reliable over the long-term.

Their positive experience also extended to the excellent service provided by CG's flexible organisation. Says one spokesperson from Martens en Van Oord, “CG takes care of the start-up, and provides support when installations are changed. You're NOT alone! Furthermore, the drive has a very simple parameter structure, making it easy to set up and use.”


Martens en Van Oord, Netherlands

To be able to drive different pumps with one frequency converter

The Emotron FDU frequency inverter and the motor are built into a container 

Only need to change the pump for different projects
Easy to set up and use