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Simple CG Drives & Automation installation results in higher capacity

The Dutch water board, Waterschap De Dommel, is active throughout the Dommel river basin from the Belgian border up to Den Bosch. It covers an area with almost a million inhabitants. Since it is a local authority, the board depends on tax contributions to continue developing efficient water management. Maintaining rivers and streams ensures adequate drainage and abundant nourishment for both plants and animals in the aquatic environment. However, sometimes, water levels can cause problems. The provincial authorities and the water boards therefore work closely together to solve these problems.

[4 November 2014]

Higher capacity, efficient cooling – and low running costs

The board wanted to increase the capacity of its Aalst pumping station from 8,000 m3/hour to 13,000 m3/hour to improve wastewater management and water quality. The challenges for the board were to have an efficient cooling system with low running costs, and to be able to use a heat exchanger constructed round the sewage pipes. Thanks to a 17-year history of working with Emotron and CG Drives, the board was confident that CG could execute the installation professionally. The unique – and vandal-proof – solution features four CG liquid-cooled drives connected directly to the heat exchanger.

CG drives entails energy losses
The main benefit is that they have achieved the desired capacity increase with a simple installation, using CG's direct liquid-cooled drives. The system also has built-in redundancy, with four pumps to ensure constant availability of the higher capacity.


The board makes major savings on energy by using liquid- instead of air-cooled drives. Air-cooling four CG Drives & Automation 400-kW drives entails energy losses of 32 kW, whereas the board can now use a small 0.55-kW pump.

Waterschap De Dommel, Netherlands

Dramatically increase pumping capacity using an efficient cooling system with low running costs

Simple installation using four direct liquid-cooled CG drives, each 400 kW 


  • Savings on energy
  • Financial savings
  • Higher capacity