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Options add functionality

A number of options let you customize the Emotron VFX 2.0 functionality and fully utilize the product according to your needs. Four different options can be combined.

Crane control

A crane I/O expansion board offers efficient hoist and travel drive and a safety system that activates the mechanical brakes should dangerous loads be detected. Also provides load dependant field weakening function for hoist drives.

Shorter braking time

For short braking time or continous braking chopper is available as a factory-installed option. It is used in combination with brake resistors dimensioned according to the specific application demand.


Communication options include fieldbus communication via Profibus and DeviceNet, Industrial Ethernet communication via Modbus/TCP, EtherCAT and Profinet, and serial communication via RS232 or RS485 using Modbus RTU protocol.

Motor protection

PTC and PT100 sensors can be connected to monitor and protect motor temperature and give process feedback without using a transmitter.


A HTL or TTL pulse encoder can be connected for more accurate speed control or for increased safety through deviation control in crane applications.

Safe stop

This option board offers protection from unexpected start during mechanical maintenance, in accordance to the standards IEC 62061 SIL2 and ISO 13849. No contactor is required.

Liquid cooling

Units from 90 A can be provided with liquid cooling. This allows you to reduce operating and maintenance costs, and the cabinet can have a protection class higher than IP54.

EMC protection

A 1st environment category C2 EMC filter is available as a factory-mounted option.

Reduced harmonic distortions

A 12-pulse rectifier offers a cost-efficient reduction of harmonic current distortions. It reduces power losses in equipment such as transformers and conductors, and eliminates the need to over-dimension these components.

Standby supply

Makes it possible to supply the control circuits via an external 24 V AC/DC supply to maintain communication and set up the system when 3-phase mains is not connected. Provides communication backup if 3-phase main power supply fails.

IP21 Top cover

A top cover drip protection available for IP 20 units 11-132 kW if units are wall mounted in electrical room.