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Emotron EMX

Speed control of rotary heat exchangers

Emotron EMX drive systems are specially designed for speed control of rotary heat exchangers. They offer full control over a wide speed range and ensure efficient operation. You will also benefit from unique built-in functionality and easy installation.

Complete drive system with integrated rotation sensor

Emotron EMX-R is a complete drive system including a motor and a controller. It controls rotors of up to 3.5 metres in diameter without a gearbox.

Compact control unit for stable temperature control

Emotron EMX-P is a compact and flexible control unit for smaller rotary heat exchangers, designed for connection to a 25 W or a 40 W motor. It offers reliable operation, minimal losses and high torque. Set-up is easy since the unit is tuned when delivered.

Complete drive system for rotors up to 5.5 metres

Emotron EMX-D is a new generation of speed controlled drive systems offering the same functions as Emotron EMX-R. The design is based on the advanced Emotron FDU AC drive, which gives a flexible product prepared for future demands. Emotron EMX-D controls rotors of 3.5 – 5.5 meters in diameter.