Emotron DCM

Control and monitor your submersible pumps

Emotron DCM automatically adjusts pump operation to water flow, without external water level sensors. It also prevents dry-running and other damage, reducing maintenance and downtime. Typical applications are drainage on construction sites, in quarries and mines.


Optimises pump operation

Emotron DCM immediately stops the submersible pump when it starts to draw air due to lack of water and restarts it when water becomes available. The pump operation is adapted to water flow, minimising energy and maintenance costs.

Uses pump motor as a sensor

Tough conditions mean sensitive water level sensors can’t always be used. Emotron DCM offers reliable monitoring in these cases, since it uses the pump motor as its own sensor.

Protection from dry-running

Emotron DCM also prevents dry-running and other costly damage to your submersible pumps. This cuts maintenance costs and extends the lifetime of the pump.

Quick installation and set-up

Emotron DCM is a reliable and maintenance-free electronic device. Installation and maintenance costs are reduced since external sensors are not required. The submersible pump’s starting and stopping levels are set in seconds thanks to a unique auto-set function.

Technical data

Supply voltage 100-240 VAC / 380-500 VAC / 525-690 VAC

Frequency 45-60 Hz

Rated current Up to 999 A via current transformer

Protection class IP20

Approvals CE, UL, cUL, GOST R