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Practice in a realistic environment

The Emotron application centre offers the opportunity of simulating, for example, crane control in a realistic way. Customers from all around the world come here to practice the functionality of our products as a valuable part of their training.

At the application centre you can, for example, simulate safe and efficient spin start of a fan using our variable speed drives, experience the extremely quick saw braking offered by our softstarters, or try the automatic reverse function of our shaft power monitors in a screw conveyor.

This is also one of only a few facilities in the world offering realistic simulation of crane control. Visitors can practice travel and hoist motions using, for example, a rail-mounted bridge crane, a rail-mounted trolley and a crane hoist. You can experience the efficient and precise control offered by our variable speed drives, as well as special functions such as the Emotron electronic flange control.

Scheduled and customer-specific trainings

The Emotron application centre is located in Wernigerode, Germany. We arrange standard product trainings, as well as customer-specific courses designed according to your requirements. Contact us to plan your training!




Iréne  Josefsson