About us

At CG Drives & Automation, we use our know-how to create technical solutions, and our personal commitment to make them work.

Know-how and positive attitude

It is possible to save operating costs while improving process performance. We’ve been doing just that for customers around the world for 35 years by supplying efficient and reliable control of electric motors.

We combine state-of-the-art technology with simple, intuitive handling. To us, simplicity doesn’t only mean user-friendliness, but also the flexibility and availability of our employees. Our people are ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and solve any challenge you might encounter.

Contact us

CG Drives & Automation Sweden AB
Mörsaregatan 12
Box 222 25

Tel: +46 42 16 99 00
Fax: +46 42 169949

Peace of mind

We offer solutions to give you peace of mind. This goes beyond improving efficiency to reduce electric energy consumption. It’s also about letting you put your energy into the right things. When you don’t need to worry about costly interruptions or damage to your equipment, you’re free to focus on preventive measures and fine-tuning your process.

Understanding your needs

Our customers are end-users and OEMs working in power generation, water/wastewater, mining, process industries and more. Our experience and competence in these areas means we can offer fit-for-purpose solutions, whether it’s a single product or a complete drive system tailored to your requirements. Working with us means being a premium customer, with a direct connection to the core of the company and access to a worldwide service network.

Personal commitment is always included

We’re big enough to accompany you wherever in the world your business takes you, and small enough to always give you our personal attention. Our services include technical support, training, engineering, commissioning, fault remedy and repairs. We’re also available for service and maintenance contracts. We put all our energy into saving yours!

CG Drives & Automation (formerly Emotron)

Part of CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited

Since June 2011 CG Drives & Automation (formerly Emotron) has been part of CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited (CG). CG is a pioneering global leader in the management and application of electrical energy. With more than 15,000 employees across its operations in around 85 countries, CG provides electrical products, systems and services for utilities, power generation, industries, and consumers.


We offer complete drive systems based on a range of standard products, including AC drives and softstarters. We also offer customised hardware and software for, for example, OEMs.

Application expertise

Our expertise covers pumps, fans, compressors, blowers, cranes, crushers, centrifuges, mills, mixers, conveyors, saws, lifts and more.

Targeted industries

We work with industries including power generation, water/wastewater, process industries, mining, infrastructure, and machine builders.


We have development resources in Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany, with technical expertise in fields such as power electronics, control algorithms and motor design.


Our production and testing facilities are located at our head office in Helsingborg, Sweden.