Emotron 690V VFD regulates flow and pressure of textile-dyeing machine

By controlling the flow and pressure on a special pump installed on a textile-dyeing machine for yarn, the Emotron VFD ensures that there is no energy wasted and no unnecessary equipment wear.

The Emotron VFD regulates flow and pressure by continuously adapting motor speed.

Operating at the optimum point of efficiency

Emotron partner MADS Srl – Italy is the supplier to a world-leading Italian manufacturer of dyeing machines in which the Emotron VFDs are installed.

All machine models are engineered to keep power and water consumption at the lowest possible level and to operate at the optimum point of efficiency.

The Emotron VFD is an important component of these machines.

Using the extended Emotron 690V drive range

The dyeing machines are exported to more than 70 countries around the world. When sold to the US, like this batch to North Carolina, the VFD need to operate where line tension is 600V.

VFDs from the extended range of Emotron 690V wall mounted FDUs with wireless communication covering the power range 1,5-200kW are used.

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