New Product Release: Discover Emotron Modular Converter Solutions for Green Energy

CG Drives & Automation is proud to announce the launch of Emotron Modular Converters for Green Energy Solutions, a pioneering suite of products designed to revolutionize the landscape of flexible solutions for sustainable power.

In response to the pressing global need for converter solutions that allow businesses to make use of batteries and renewable energy sources, CG Drives & Automation has invested years of research and development to create a range of products that ensure efficient reliable power with regulated current and voltage in any circumstance.

Emotron Modular Converter Solutions for Green Energy has a proven track record, having powered fully electric and hybrid electric systems in various applications, including marine vessels and onshore power facilities.

One of the key advantages of Emotron Converters is their adaptability to multiple energy sources including wind turbines, fuel cells and batteries. This flexibility is crucial in future-proofing energy supply, allowing seamless transitions between energy sources or battery power (BESS) and enabling power feedback into the grid. The product line includes three core components:

  • Emotron VSI: A state-of-the-art motor inverter for precise generator control
  • Emotron DCU: Ensuring a stable DC voltage amidst highly varying input voltage (15-85%)
  • Emotron AFG: An innovative grid converter for efficient battery charging or grid feedback


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