Efficient and reliable conveyor control

Conveyors require reliable control in order to ensure the right quantity of material to and from your process. CG solutions optimise the feeding rate by controlling motor speed, and uses direct torque control to handle high starting torque requirements.

The right speed at all times

Emotron AC drives ensure the right feeding rate at all times by adapting motor speed. They ensure optimised operation,regardless of the quantity or type of material, minimising energy consumption and wear. The AC drive can also be set to reverse the conveyor in the case of an overload or jamming.

Efficiency with direct torque control

Direct torque control handles abrupt load changes and overcomes initial peak loads, reducing mechanical stress and preventing interruptions and false trips. A heavily loaded conveyor is efficiently started by utilising the full motor capacity also from standstill. Minimised start currents are still ensured, meaning less mechanical stress and lower installation and energy costs.

Prevents damage and downtime

A built-in load monitor protects your process from damage and inefficiency. Any deviation from your selected load levels will result in a warning or a quick yet controlled stop, for example, if a belt is broken or overloaded, or a screw conveyor is jammed. Downtime is minimised and no energy is wasted.