Speed, safety and comfort

Speed, safety and comfort are essential in all lift systems. With a CG lift drive, you benefit from optimised operation, irrespective of lift size, motor type and drive technology.

Complete range for all lifts

CG lift drives are designed for new and modernised lift systems. They operate with both gearless and geared winches, using synchronous or asynchronous motor technology. You can install them in a machine room or directly within the lift shaft.

Our lift solutions meet the highest demands for speed, safety and comfort. The product range includes AC drives of up to 132 kW and digital DC drives of up to 90 kW.

Accurate control of speed and position

Soft starts and stops without jerky movements, quick and smooth S-curve acceleration and precise levelling at landings all contribute to comfortable and safe operation. This is the result of highly accurate speed and torque control and perfect matching with the mechanical brakes. Low noise levels and minimised vibration also contribute to maximum travelling comfort.

Plug-and-play solutions save time

Our unique plug-and-play solutions minimise installation time. You can order the drives ready to use, with parameter settings for your specific motor and the characteristics of your lift, for example, speed and wheel diameter.

Maximum flexibility is offered through various connection options as well as fieldbus communication.

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