Marine Offshore

Smooth sailing for your toughest operations

CG Drives & Automation offers complete drive solutions that ensure safe, smooth and cost-efficient operation of electrically powered equipment on board, no matter how rough the seas may get at times.

Emotron Slim-LC Active Front End drive solves retrofit challenge

The energy saving Emotron Slim Liquid Cooled AFE drive runs the Azimuth propulsion thruster with minimal heat losses and increased redundancy due to a brand new liquid cooled modular drive construction.

Step by step electrification with VFDs in hybrid solutions

Going from diesel driven to fully electric may seem daunting. CG Emotron has delivered electrical solutions for marine vessels since 2016 - including the supply of all variable frequency drives (VFDs), the control system and commissioning.

Electric propulsion

In this system two energy efficient PM motors run a completely electric propulsion system with a unique integrated PLC allowing you to control each kW used, making sure every penny is well spent.

Emotron equipped electric and hybrid vessels

As shipbuilders look for the best solutions to meet new standards, Emotron offers all the experience to guide them to a sustainable future through electric and hybrid electric power.

Emotron-powered 24-ton lifting winch for windmill installations at sea

Movements from naviagation or rough seas can strain winches and cranes. Emotron has developed a sturdy VFD designed and certified for marine use. One of them is today a reliable workhorse capable of lifting 24-ton windmill loads offshore.

Marine scrubber system drives

When used for exhaust cleaning on ships, robust and reliable Emotron pump drives with an energy loss of only 2% make this environmental solution particularly energy efficient.