Uniper heating pumps uses Emotron Slim-LC VFD in cost-saving complete solution engineering package

At the Scholven power plant the new Emotron Slim-LC was used to replace pump drives, resulting in a 30% space reduction and significant efficiency savings due to its new cooling system. The retrofit solution was so efficient that the planned air conditioning investment was no longer necessary.

Total engineering solution for FWK Buer in Scholven

When two frequency controlled motors for the district heating pumps at the Scholven power plant in Gelsenkirchen needed replacement, a complete solutions provider was called for.

The Emotron solution involved low voltage motors 1500kW/690V and 1600kW variable frequency drives (FDU 690V) with liquid cooling and an internal water/ water heat exchanger.

As a total solutions provider, CG Drives & Automation also supplied the external air/water heat exchanger units and 12-pulse transformers, each with 2 MVA, 5kV/690V/690V. Additionally, new shielded motor cables and mains cables to the drives were installed.

Saving cooling energy

The Emotron Slim-LC variable frequency drive ensures that the system runs with minimal harmonics and at maximum energy efficiency. The liquid cooling system minimizes losses to air. Uniper could avoid previously planned AC-room investments.

A simple installation based on great cooperation

Companies from the area and the power plant staff supported the disassembly and assembly. The commissioning was carried out by CG Drives & Automation. The ability to cooperate and help each other through the project has lead to a very successful solution delivery.

Increasing equipment lifetime

With the new system in place, the 1,5MW pump application at FWK Buer can be operated safely for another 20 years. The comprehensive service offer of CG Drives & Automation will ensure safety and reliability for years to come.