Emotron VFDs drive agricultural irrigation

Water specialists at Porsch in Germany use Emotron FDU drives in their irrigation systems. The Emotron IP54 VFDs are installed near the sprinklers on the fields in small cabins.

Porsch combines modern well drilling with production and installation of mechanical equipment and switchgear for water sprinklers.The task of sprinkling is to supplement the water supply to make sure the plants survive dry periods, while keeping focus on energy efficiency.

Irrigation systems for a good harvest

In areas where the ground is very sandy, rain water percolates very quickly. Irrigation systems are crucial in order to get a good harvest.

Porsch, a water specialist based in Uelzen, Germany, use Emotron FDU units in their irrigation systems.

Porsch Wasser- und Umwelttechnick GmbH has more than 40 years of experience as a supplier in the construction of irrigation systems. It is a partner in all areas of commercial, municipal and private water supply and sanitation.

Robust and reliable VFD solution

The Emotron IP54 VFDs are installed near the sprinklers on the fields in small cabins. These small cabins are not heated in the winter but that does not cause any damage to the variable frequency drives as they have a robust metal construction and can withstand harsh environments.

The biggest advantage of Emotron drives is the easy installation and setup-procedure to get the water flowing. 

An intelligent drive with many possibilities

An intelligent control ensures that all areas are watered to the same extent. Thanks to the drive being tailored to water applications, many required features can be solved directly within the VFD, including:

  • Real-time clock
  • Logic functions
  • Standby function
  • Integrated load sensor
  • Cascading of several pumps

Due to the user-friendly and reliable operation, parameters can also be easily adjusted by the end customer if required. Thanks to the optional interfaces, the VFDs can be remotely monitored and operated using mobile phone controls. 

In recent years, around 150 Emotron VFDs have been installed by Porsch.

Emotron supplies 24/7 service complemented by weekend emergency service in irrigation season.