Significant energy savings with Emotron high power drives in drinking water pump application

After an investment in Emotron drives, the Turkish municipality of Batman city has reduced its energy consumption by 10%. Replacing softstarters with VFDs and PID control has lead to significant energy savings, an improved lifespan of the plant’s pumps and motors and a reduction in manual labour.

Local partner replaced softstarters with VFDs

In this project Kontek, part of the Kontek Enerji group, a Turkish partner of CG Drives & Automation, replaced the existing 6x450kW and 3x560kW softstarters with FDU series VFDs.

With this change, starting currents have been reduced and a smooth speed control feature has been made available.

Modular building blocks reducing downtime

The 9 compact Emotron IP54 drives are made up of Power Electronic Building Blocks - PEBBs.

Each PEBB has circuit breaker both supply-side and motor side. This modular structure allows for easy replacement without having to stop the drive.

At Emotron, support is always available all the way from the tender stage to commissioning the drive at your site. Emotron also offers a global service network for all your service requirements.

Extensive partner experience of high power drives

The skilled team at Kontek easily installed this setup at Batman city in less than 6 hours. 

Pressure sensors and VFDs in perfect harmony

The PID control take in information on pressure and flow from external pressure sensors via CanBus communication. Feedback from the sensors are used by the VFD to calculate and determine optimal speed.

This new technology and automated process leads to significant energy savings, and replaces manual valve control and labour costs.

Flexible products to fit your cabinets

The Emotron drives are expertly built into cabinets by CG Drives & Automation’s Turskish partner Kontek.

In Batman cIty, local restrictions applied and cabinets had to be tailor made to fit e.g. plant layout and dimensions.The Emotron drive PEBB structure of the drives offered the flexibility required.

Global service network

With a global partner network and remote access solutions, we can offer service contracts to fit your needs. The complete service offer includes:

  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Test facilities
  • 24/7 support
  • Remote access
  • Application diagnostics
  • Maintenance
  • Extended warranty
  • Repairs
  • Rentals