Marine & offshore

CG Drives & Automation Emotron offers complete drive solutions that ensure safe, smooth and cost-efficient operation of electrically powered equipment on board, no matter how rough the seas may get.


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AC drives for all your needs from bow to stern

  • All drives available in both IP54 and IP20/21
  • 480 or 690 Volts for the full power range up to 3MW
  • AFE-technology
  • Both air-cooled and liquid-cooled drives
  • Modular design in Rittal cabinets
  • Compact high power solutions for small spaces

Simply and reliably

Whether you’re a shipbuilder or system integrator, our Emotron-empowered drive solutions can help you add value to the vessels and platforms you outfit. Our AC drives reduce energy and maintenance costs, and ensure a longer service life for customers’ equipment.

Shore to Ship

Make full use of shoreside electrical power though Emotron AC drives.
Flexible modular design and smart space solutions make even the most powerful MW-solutions easily integrated. The robust build and roomy interior of our cabinets make power connection bus bars easily accessible.

Effortless change of voltage & frequency levels

With Emotron AC drives you are free to choose voltage or frequency, and change effortlessly between them. With a voltage feedback you also have the option for closed loop voltage control.

Hybridization and shaft power generation

Optimize your energy by connecting power sources, generators and batteries regardless of power and operational levels. Harness shaft power and re-use effortlessly through Emotron’s advanced AFE-technology.

With LCL-filter as standard you are guaranteed optimum low harmonic content regardless of your operation. The complete range of AC drives are available in both IP20/21 and P54 with coated boards and specifically prepared for marine vibration.