Oil & Gas

Working in oil and gas is all about safety, reliability and economic efficiency. In order to minimize downtime and optimize operations, your partners and equipment need to deliver at all times.

Emotron drives are made in an exceptional electrical and mechanical robust design for reliable operations in rough environments. Their minimal energy losses, flexible modular build and all-metal IP54 enclosure will secure your operational efficiency.


Are you interested in our products and services within Oil & Gas? Contact our Oil & Gas experts. At CG Drives and Automation Emotron Project teams will cater for the most complex requirements and 24/7 service teams are always there to help you. Our remote access equipment allows us to help you at your most remote locations. 

Because we put all our energy into saving yours.

A wide range of AC drives for any environment


  • All drives available in both IP54 and IP20/21
  • 400 or 690V for the full power range up to 4MW
  • 6/12/18 pulse, low harmonic drives - AFE technology
  • Both air-cooled and liquid-cooled drives
  • Outdoor cabinets and customized solutions
  • Low voltage softstarters up to 1600 kW

Peace of mind no matter what happens

Emotron drives are built up in a PEBB (Power Electronic Building Block) structure. PEBBs are interchangeable and only one set of spares is required for all of your PEBBs. The first PEBB always protects your other PEBBs from damage. This unique PEBB technology is a modular approach to high power drives offering exceptional flexibility and redundancy. Higher overload capacity ensures that no application is too demanding.

Cost efficient, trouble free operations

A high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and low repair time equates to higher availability of the equipment for the process. Emotron products are high efficiency equipment ensuring both cost and energy efficiency.

Engineered solutions

Once you enter the world of Emotron, seamless integration between your dedicated project team, our product managers, the application team and the R&D team takes even your most complex challenge from design to commissioning and beyond.

You can rely on us for optimising and adding efficiency to your operations. With compact robust products, we offer a solution that works in your environment.

Remote monitoring, 24/7 after sales support & a dedicated partner network

With our unique remote monitoring tool, we can monitor the health of your drives from far away and inform maintenance personnel at site if some preventive measures need to be undertaken.

A global network of trained service personnel and locally available spare parts support all our products.