Keep up pressure and save energy

Introducing speed control will maximise output from your pump and fan systems. It reduces energy consumption and mechanical wear as well as noise and vibration levels. Operation iscontinuously adapted to demand, maintaining the required pressure depending on volume flow or the quantity of gas to be handled. A sleep function saves energy further by stopping the motor when it’s not needed to keep up the pressure.

Controlled starts and stops reduce wear

Low start currents reduce hydraulic and mechanical stress on pipes and gaskets. Linear stops eliminate the risk of water hammer in your pumps, without the need for costly motor-controlled valves to reduce pressure spikes. Starting a fan that is rotating the wrong way is safely handled with a spin start function securing the correct direction and function prior to full speed operation.

High dynamics for demanding applications

Emotron AC drives also offer high accuracy in dynamic applications, for example cranes used in biofuel-fired power plants. Efficient and precise control minimises cycle times and mechanical wear. Direct torque control handles abrupt load changes and overcomes initial peak loads. Electronic grab control coordinates the drives and allows for motions to be manoeuvred independently. The operator can close or open the grab while it is being hoisted and lowered, reducing cycle times and wear to the ropes.

Protection against damage and downtime

A built-in load monitor prevents damage and downtime, for example if a pump is running dry, a pipe is blocked or a valve is not fully opened. Any deviation from your set load levels is detected immediately across the entire speed range, without the need for external sensors.