VFDs, softstarters and drive solutions for applications within Water & Wastewater

CG Drives & Automation offers complete drive solutions for a safe and cost-efficient operation of your pumps and water handling systems – and a long service life.

We have more than 40 years of experience of water handling applications – an area that is both growing in size and becoming more complex, placing additional demands on robustness and reliability.

Whether you are operating in sewage treatment, flood control, drinking water or a process industry, Emotron-empowered solutions add value to your equipment and your business. Simple and reliable.


  • All variable frequency drives (VFDs) available in both IP54 and IP20/21
  • IP20 range with coated boards as standard (IP54 optional)
  • 400 to 690 Volts range for the full power range up to 4MW
  • Both air-cooled and liquid-cooled drives
  • Modular design in bespoke cabinets
  • Compact high power solutions
  • AFE-technology 

The Emotron worldwide service network 

With a worldwide partner network and remote access solutions, we can offer service contracts to fit your needs. The complete service offer includes:

  • Remote access
  • Test facilities
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • Extended warranty
  • 24/7 support
  • Repairs
  • Rentals
  • Application diagnostics

Certificates and quality assurance

CG Emotron is ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified. Additionally, for the VFD and softstarter solutions CE, UL and cUL certification is offered. 

At Emotron, expert knowledge is always at your fingertips. Your project team will follow you every step of the way. We manage a design review followed by an in-house survey when necessary and have well-established contacts with all the major certifying bodies.

We test all of your components individually before commissioning for your peace of mind.


Wastewater pumping stations

Our robust drives with protection against harsh environments are often used in sewage water pumping stations. In these environments with hydrogen sulfide gas exposure, our drives have proven to be top of the notch.

For one or two standalone pump applications we have designed a dedicated VFD product named “FlowDrive”. With this drive you are able to reduce your energy consumption significantly (depending on static height of the pump application) and reduce maintenance cost by preventing blockage.

Water purification plants

Influent pump

The influent pump is often a centrifugal pump or Archimedean screw pump which needs to be up and running all the time, especially in times of rainy weather. With our high quality VFDs and highly skilled engineers we secure the smooth running of your application. In case of failure we help you get the pump up and running again in no time with our 24/7 support.

Screen filters/cleaners

Prevent blockage and damage of the system with our shaft power monitor functionality. Our M20 shaft power monitor, TSA softstarter and FDU/VFX variable frequency drive always offer a high level of protection of your system.

Solid liquid separation of sludge

Whether it is a belt separation, a screw press or centrifugal technique used, we have the knowledge and experience to control your application.  Dewatering the sludge is an important step in the process to reduce the waste of a treatment plant.

Choose Emotron for maximum uptime of your installation. With our application knowledge we can select the right starting method to enable your application to run for many years to come.

Aeration systems 

Another key element in an aerobe waste water treatment plant is the oxygen level. If you cannot keep the right level, the microorganisms in the sludge cannot perform. With our long history of managing treatment plants all over the world, we can ensure that your installation runs completely trouble free.

Ask for commissioning of the VFD to suit your application needs. We can handle your request regardless of technique used - we have experience of everything from  blowers to floating surface aerators or paddlewheel aerators.

Fresh water

VFDs for deepwell pumps

Applications with long motor cable lengths and motors with limited isolation are being expertly handled by Emotron. A long background in these applications taught us to use the right combination of drives and filters to make sure your application keeps running and stays reliable.

VFDs for centrifugal pumps (High pressure pumps)

This is often involves higher powers, driven by a VFD to be able to maintain a stable pressure. It is important to prevent damage of the bearings and/or mechanical seals of the pump by selecting and setting up the right VFD. Our specific software for this kind of application automatically detects a broken pipe and makes sure contamination in the piping is prevented.


Pump VFDs for reverse osmosis

In these kind of systems, typically two type of pumping applications are used. A high pressure pump and feeding pumps.

The high pressure centrifugal pumps often have high starting torques, especially when the membranes get clogged and the load on the pumps increase. Starting the pump in such conditions requires a high starting torque. Emotron enables a 120% max torque feature and in combination with automatic IR compensation the pump will run even under the toughest circumstances.

Surface water levelling

Emotron has supplied many application solutions to maintain the right level of surface water. Fish friendly pumps, Archimedean screw pumps, indirect or direct driven pumps, low or high speed pumps - we have experience of them all. With our 40+ years of work in this area we are the right partner for you.

Pool & Spa

The pool and spa environment is a typical application which you may think provides a clean environment for the drive, but nothing is farther from the truth. With the harmful gases in the pump area a strong protection is required to keep the drive running for years.

The housing of the drives from many other VFD brands get brittle due to the aggressive environment - but this not the case with Emotron's sturdy high quality VFDs. 


The Emotron VFDs will help start the pump smoothly and program your weekly pump schedule.

Both our softstarters and drive solutions makes it possible to program your weekly pump schedule. Programming blocks such as comparators, timers, SR flip-flops and clock functions are built-in to create your specific needed logical function.

Firefighting systems

Emotron has designed a special software feature for this subsegment named “fire mode”.

This feature allows the VFD to work outside its normal limits in case of emergency, in order to secure drive operation as long as possible.

This option can be activated via an external input given by a fire alarm or be enabled for continuous use depending on what your application requires.

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