For students

Bringing business and academic worlds together

Bringing the business and academic worlds closer together is not only beneficial to our company, but to our business as a whole. CG Drives & Automation is engaged in the EPE, a European association connecting companies and universities working with power electronics and electrical drives. We also work closely with local universities, and European and international organisations to foster important working relationships for now and the future.

Connected to the future

Supporting research and education is a way of securing our future and allows us access to new technology as well as people with well-developed and relevant competences. By utilising our university contacts, we keep up with current research and make CG Drives & Automation known amongst students. This results in some students completing their degree projects and/or practical trainings at CG Drives & Automation and potentially becoming employees. Some of our own engineers have even taken university courses during their employment as part of their skill development.

Learn with us

We have no openings for specific degree projects at the moment, but you’re welcome to contact us to discuss your ideas.