Case Studies

Uniper heating pumps uses Emotron Slim-LC VFD in cost-saving complete solution engineering package
Hydrogen production facility keeps low grid disturbance with thyristor alternative
Water levelling with Emotron VFD and fish friendly pump
Windmill drives for optimum power generation
Emotron Slim-LC Active Front End drive solves retrofit challenge
Emotron bio energy VFD for sludge dryer cells
Sustainable pump station with PM motors and wind-powered drives
Emotron-powered 24-ton lifting winch for windmill installations at sea
Pump drives for efficient water use
Variable frequency drives for reverse osmosis pumps
Emotron implements IIoT solution on pumps
A VFD for efficiency – Emotron regulates Vitens’ deep well pump with less energy
Micronizers for fuel treatment
Emotron Bladel implements IIoT solution on pumps
Marine scrubber system drives
Emotron equipped electric and hybrid vessels
Emotron VFD improving the efficiency of a petrochemical refinery
Step by step electrification with VFDs in hybrid solutions
Energy-efficient centrifuges at Falkenberg treatment plant
Smart drive functions avoid unnecessary maintenance
Emotron VFDs drive agricultural irrigation
Significant energy savings with Emotron high power drives in drinking water pump application
Emotron VFDs secure the pump operation of major oil storage facility
Emotron VFDs supporting the biggest mill company in South West Germany
Saving energy at Koloa landings pool & spa
Örebro municipality saves 37% on energy with Emotron FlowDrive VFD
Sawmill increases operational efficiency with Emotron products
Synchronized crane wheels cut maintenance costs
Simplified control and lower costs at Lantmännen
Top level lift control via a 220 metre cable
Speed-controlled fan reduces electricity costs by 25,000 euros annually
Eco-smart solution from CG Drives & Automation paid for in 3 months!
Variable frequency drives for innovative extraction well
Even pressure and longer life thanks to CG Drives & Automation