Reduce downtime and secure operational efficiency

Let the energy efficient low harmonic Emotron AFE drive secure your operation at all times. Find out more on how you secure redundancy with the new flexible slim modular drive concept. Our drive modules are smart, self-monitored and interchangeable. As they are mounted without frames you save both space and material cost.
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….in tight spaces

The Emotron AFE drive is crafted with flexibility in mind. Create the ideal cabinet solution for your application. Our application specialists can handle everything from ship retrofits to renewable power applications.

….in remote locations

Whether you are out at sea, in an inaccessible engine room or at 3000 meters above sea level, there is a service solution for you. With the redundant PEBB modules, a worldwide service partner network and remote access solutions we have got you covered.

Unique modular concept

See the full video on the unique modular slim liquid cooled drive concept.

Uniper takes advantage of new slim liquid cooled AFE in power plant retrofit

In Uniper Scholven Kraftwerk Buer, the new AFE slim liquid cooled VFD lead to a 30% space reduction. The space reduction and the liquid cooling option lead to savings not only in terms of material cost but also in terms of cooling energy.
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