Simplicity in its most advanced form

Simplicity and reliability are keywords guiding our development work. We combine state-of-the-art technology, offering extremely accurate motor control with robust design and user-friendliness. This yields high-end products, well-proven in installations around the world.

Saving you time and trouble

The simplicity in CG's products is apparent at every level, from installation to operation. Straightforward cable connections simplify installation, the modular design allows for easy access for servicing, and operators benefit from the user-friendly interface. Reliability comes from the technology itself ensuring smooth operation, and from the robust IP54 certified metal enclosures. We’ve minimised the number of components, cables and mechanical parts, improving dependability and facilitating maintenance.

Our knowledge is to your benefit

Extensive knowledge in areas such as power electronics, control algorithms and motor design, means CG solutions offer unique benefits for your process.