Shaft Power monitoring

Accurate monitoring whatever the motor load

The Emotron shaft power monitoring technology offers very accurate, reliable and cost-efficient supervision of electric motor-driven processes. It was patented in 1979 and since then has been the basis for our shaft power monitors as well as a unique integrated feature in our AC drives and softstarters.

Patented calculation technique

The patented technique monitors the shaft power of the motor driving the process or machine. This is done by measuring motor input power and subtracting the motor power loss calculated using a precise algorithm. The result is a correct and linear motor load value across the entire load range. Any deviation from the set load levels will immediately cause the monitor to initiate a warning or stop the machine. The shaft power is indicated as a percentage of rated power, kW or HP.

Reliable and cost-efficient

This unique technique offers more accurate and reliable supervision than non-linear methods. For example, monitoring by current measurement is only sufficient at high motor loads and the phase angle method only at low loads. Input power is linear, but ignores motor power loss. Achieving the same level of accuracy as with the Emotron shaft power monitor would require an expensive torque transducer.